YELL! Partner and Sponsorship

Young Essence Ladies…Learning (YELL!) is a combination mentoring program working with minority students. Initially, we provide mentorship and program support using research-based strategies and curriculum to help students develop coping skills to redirect their behavior and focus on graduating from high school. Long-term, we match them with an adult mentor (and peer if needed) to provided nonjudgmental support both academically and emotionally.

We receive in-kind donations and resources such as building space, bus funding, and student support (through teachers, counselors, administrators, and district personnel guidance)  from local education agencies (LEA), school districts, and community and nonprofit organization. Additionally, mentees are invited to attend special events and annual conferences at no cost.

However, we are in need of local business support for our annual special events presented to the mentees and their families. These events are:

  • The Mentor/Mentee Open House (September)
  • The Parent Open House (January)
  • The Christmas Celebration (December)
  • The Miss Sweetheart Debutante Ball (with father/male escort) (February)
  • The Alma Allen Scholarship (April)
  • The Mother/Daughter Day Out (May)
  • The Mentor/Mentee Retreat (May)

In addition, we need financial support for our field trips, which allow students an opportunity to be exposed to culture and have real world experiences. Annually, mentees attend:

  • A local theatre
  • The zoo
  • A museum
  • The Mentor/Mentee Retreat (out-of-town for a weekend)

With your support, our youth will become more well-rounded, productive citizens, because they will recognize that life offers more than what they see every day in their communities. If you are interested in sponsoring or becoming a partner, please contact us at with “Sponsorship Info” in the subject line.