Enrollment Information for YELL! Mentor and Mentee

YELL! Program Information and Enrollment

  • 2007 Mentor/Mentee Retreat!

Through group sessions, workshops, field trips, and special events, we help the Young Essence Ladies…Learning (YELL!) Girls understand the value of self-worth, teach them to make better choices, and assist them in excelling in every area of their lives — socially, emotionally, academically, and financially. We also encourage the YELL!Girls to graduate from high school and become productive citizens and/or future entrepreneurs by offering opportunities for service learning, scholarships, job training, summer employment ,and internships. We work with partnering agencies and organizations to provide these opportunities.

Give your daughter the gift of a mentor, and new opportunities to grow! Open enrollment is in September and January, however you may submit enrollment form year round.

As an established combination mentoring program, we work to develop same-gender mentoring programs using a research-based curriculum that works. Our experienced approach to recruiting, screening, matching, and supporting our mentoring relationships, expanding programs and support impact the lives of girls in a positive way.

Through the E’Ladies Network, our goal is to develop a network of mentors that will empower girls to be:

  • Able to resist negative peer pressure
  • Focused on school success
  • Able to interact socially in a positive way with family and friends
  • Able to promote positive self-esteem through positive self-worth
  • Develop leadership skills to lead a community, church, family, or business

Parents are our Partners!

Parents and guardians are an integral part of YELL! Helping us understand your daughter is important to us because our objective is to supplement your efforts. Not only do you provide information about your child’s strength and needs, you also approve the programs your daughter participates in. After she is enrolled, we’d like you to remain involved in several key ways:

  1. Approving programs and activities, and supporting your child’s involvement
  2. Asking your child questions about program sessions and activities, and reporting any concerns
  3. Reporting your daughter’s progress and milestones to us on a quarterly basis
  4. Participating in special events, and carefully designated activities offered by YELL! through our mentor support organization, E’Ladies Network.
  5. Participating in our end of the year Program Assessment to help us with continued improvement

Your child’s safety is very important to us. YELL! works collaboratively with school districts and community organizations to conduct a thorough background check on every volunteer in our mentoring programs and activities. These activities are adult-supervised at all times because the safety and well-being of the girls we serve is our highest priority. We strive to achieve the highest quality possible in providing environments conducive to learning, and providing safety and ongoing support services to our children, parents, and volunteers.

To help ensure children’s safey, Essence of a Lady, Inc. Professional Standards require that each volunteer complete a thorough screening process that includes:

  • Completion of a formal, written application
  • A criminal history record check and child abuse clearance
  • At least two references
  • A phone and in-person interview
  • A mentor questionnaire of their suitability to volunteer with a child
  • An orientation, and an on-going training program that provides insight to the the individualized needs of your child and information/resources on how to encourage your child’s healthy development

Through E’Ladies Network, monthly support is provided as an on-going commitment on the part of our volunteers, ensuring they remain consistent, motivated, energized, innovative, engaging, flexible, resourceful, and maintain integrity as well as professionalism while interacting with the YELL!Girls we serve.

Enrollment Process

The following form is part of the YELL! enrollment process,  it will help us get to know your daughter personally. To enroll your child, please complete and submit the enrollment application below. Once the application has been submitted and reviewed, an assigned Mentee Coordinator or Liaison will contact you to discuss enrollment.