The Females are Fabulous TV Show

Females are Fabulous Talk Show: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary LIVES!!

As the host of the Females are Fabulous TV Show, I have the amazing opportunity to interview women who are Founders and/or CEO’s of businesses and have created nonprofits to give back to their community…that’s what makes them FABULOUS!!

One synonym for FABULOUS is “extraordinary!” As Founder & CEO of Essence of a Lady, Incorporated, I have spent almost 30 years working with amazing and FABULOUS women giving of themselves to EDUCATE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER girls through my philanthropic program, E’Ladies Network. This year, I am selecting 25 FABULOUS Females from around the world to share what make them FABULOUS! How they discovered it and how they are using it to change the world!! YOU may be one of them.

I am inviting you to share your FABULOUSNESS with the world on the Females are FABULOUS Talk Show, once selected, you will have an opportunity to spend 3 minutes empowering the world by sharing how you use your business to support your community.  This interview will air on the Females are Fabulous TV Channel, which will be airing on a nationally syndicated channel 11:30 Saturday mornings starting January 2022!!

To qualify for an interview, complete this 3-step process:

1. Schedule an interview with me to discuss the interview at femalesarefabuloustv
2.  Join the E’Ladies Network.
3. Complete this online form.

My goal is to help you LEVERAGE your business and nonprofit, as you leave a LEGACY to the youth and communities of the world by sharing your journey to success, which will make you LEGENDARY!!