FABULOUS Female Anthology

FABULOUS Female Anthology: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

What makes you FABULOUS? Share it with the WORLD!!
Essence of a Lady, Inc, through its philanthropic program, the E’Ladies Network, in partnership with JAS Enterprises invites you to share your story to the world in the “FABULOUS Female Anthology!”

One synonym for FABULOUS is “extraordinary!” In celebration of over 25 years of working with amazing and FABULOUS women giving of themselves to EDUCATE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER girls, we are looking for 25 select women from around the world to share what make you FABULOUS! How you discovered it and how you are using it to build your life and business.

To participate, It’s a 3-step process:
1.  Join the E’Ladies Network.
2. Complete this online form.
3. Participate in the INFORMATION SESSION with our book publisher (after completing steps 1 & 2).

The deadline to submit steps 1 & 2 is December 1, 2015. We look forward to you joining us on this FABULOUS Female Phenomenon!!