FABULOUS Female Monthly Events

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FABULOUS Female Monthly Events

YOU are Invited! These events are FOR YOU to SUPPORT YOU!!

Each month, we want to support women and girls, here are HAPPENINGS to show how THANKFUL we are.

Women are doing FABULOUS work to support their family, business, women, and the community! In celebration of November, Essence of a Lady, Inc is THANKFUL!! We are thankful for the women of the E’Ladies Network. We want to show thanks by inviting you to benefit from our E’Partners.

We are working with our E’Partners to bring you events sponsored by women with home-based/ small businesses, and offer you an opportunity to support our nonprofit for the month of November.

One of our past E’Sponsors of the Month is SSAPCheerNMore

This amazing company is sponsored the plagues and trophies for the YELL!Girls (FAB Awards) and E’Ladies Network (FABULOUS Female Awards).

Our past E’Partner of the Month:  International Women Alliance Ministries (IWAM)

IWAM  is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit public charitable organization providing services, education and training through our resources centers.

E’Partner/E’Sponsor Events: Grandme’re  Fundraising event to honor grandmothers and raise money for a mentoring program in high school STEM!

Want to become an E’Sponsor? Please email us at eladiesinfo@eladies.org

Want us to support your nonprofit? Please email us at joannajayiscott@eladies.org

Want us to bring mentoring support  to your girl or boy program in school, community or Christian environment ? Please email us at yellmentoring@eladies.org