Females are FABULOUS…Ordinary Women…Extraordinary Lives


Females are FABULOUS…Ordinary Women…Extraordinary Lives!!

As a woman who has been on a journey to help women find their passions, purposes, and life dreams, I salute these #FABULOUS Females! These  women are mothers, sisters, spouses, church leaders, entrepreneurs, besties, community leaders, and some are even grandmothers. As we wear these many hats, we find our passion and ultimately discover our essence. These are ORDINARY women living EXTRAORDINARY lives!

Click on their picture to discover what makes them #FABULOUS! As they share their stories and accomplishments, feel free to comment and share with your audience. Our mission is to EDUCATE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER women and girls to reach their fullest potential. Their stories may inspire you!

In the mist of all that they do, these #FABULOUS Females have supported Essence of a Lady, Inc though its two signature programs, E’Ladies Network and Young Essence Ladies…Learning(YELL!) as #philanthropists. They contribute to the mission and the vision in various ways. They volunteer at workshops, field trips, schools, and community centers. They participate in virtual summits, monthly events to support women and girls, and our annual Females are #FABULOUS Empowerment Conference. The conference is our culminating project with five events which helps raise money for #YELL! programming and scholarships.  Please read their stories to learn more about them.

This is why they are being featured here as #FABULOUS Females!

In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in the #FemalesareFABULOUS  Phenomenon…

  • One year complimentary membership in the E’Ladies Network (a network of philanthropic women who gives time, talent, and treasure).
  • Become one of 26 AUTHORS in the #FABULOUS Female Anthology: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things!
  • Featured on The Females are FABULOUS Television Show!
  • Receive Awards and Recognition as a “FABULOUS Female!” at the Females are FABULOUS Empowerment Conference
  • Receive awards for volunteering through Cabot Creameries!!

You can become a member of the E’Ladies Network, and ultimately become a #FABULOUSFemale. For more information go to www.eladies.org/eladies_network.html